On the Banks of the Kamogawa

A new dawn:
Seagulls, and sunshine sparkles
Children flying kites


2 Responses to “On the Banks of the Kamogawa”

  1. The Kamo is a river running through Kyoto, and kite-flying is a traditional New Year activity here in Japan. Salvaged from spam again, John! Of all contributions, it’s only yours that seem sometimes to go directly into spam. The resonance this verse gives me is something akin to ‘all is right with the world’ – good for the season – but the phrasing, surely, verges on an image list. The syntax of the second line is unclear. Uplifting, nonetheless!

  2. I had the same syntax issue as Tito with the second line, but I love the solid, hopeful 5-syllable end line: so fresh, vivid, and simple! Happy new year!

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