Global Warning

All too soon:
In the deep dark woods
Blooming daffodils


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  1. In this haiku 4 words “too”, “soon”, woods”,”blooming” have a surprise sound . The image can turns into its own light .

  2. Thanks for showing us what John’s doing, Clelia! It’s as if the poem is making a rule about what does and doesn’t belong in its purview: the visual “wrongness” of the word “daffodils” underscores the out-of-season uneasiness with which the sight of the flowers fills the speaker.

    I saw crocus shoots yesterday, under the street trees on my block: they seemed early, too, but I consoled myself thinking that people had intentionally planted them to grow early. Daffodils growing wild in the woods, on the other hand? Something’s up!

  3. Keith A. SIMMONDS Says:

    out of the rubble
    emerges a living soul…
    Haiti’s miracles

  4. engaging first line

  5. John Dougill Says:

    Hi, thanks for the comments…. It was alarming to come across wild daffodils in a warm and springlike spell in mid-January… I was trying to convey the yellowness of the daffodils shining out of the dark of the woods, though ‘bloomin’ daffodils’ was a secondary thought….

    I’m wondering if haiku on the theme of global warming may not become a whole new genre in the coming years……

  6. There was a section entitled ‘Climate Change’, containing just such poems, in Hailstone’s 2005 anthology, ‘Enhaiklopedia’ (see Icebox Publications page). Not a genre, perhaps, but at least a common topic.

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