Mist & smoke

seep into rough pastures –

the horse’s night

(Creel, Mexico, 7 Feb. ’10)


2 Responses to “Mexequine”

  1. John Dougill Says:

    Wow, great photo! Wish I could manage to the technology to upload like that…

    There’s great potency in the haiku I feel, yet something disturbs me about mist and smoke being portrayed visually while proclaiming it’s night at the end… With all that mist, smoke and darkness it’s odd to have a visually oriented poem. That said, I love the suggestive ‘horse’s night’….

  2. Thank you, John, for this. To be honest, I also feel the haiku is better without the photo, although the photo was begging to be used. I chose it as the sun rising after the horse’s night: the mist, still dense near the ground. It could equally be the sun setting before the horse’s night, the mist already coming into the pasture. The photo and the poem were actually composed two days and more than 2,000m of altitude apart, but both places were misty.

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