Early Spring

voice of sutra chant

in the temple grounds

spring sunshine

Flowers of early spring: ume, pink (left) and white (right).


5 Responses to “Early Spring”

  1. Is spring really here? ‘voice’ is probably redundant. Good that you didn’t mention the plum or apricot flowers in your verse. The haiku and photo complement each other in a traditional way.

  2. John Dougill Says:

    Perhaps the sunshine promises spring? It certainly looks promising in that nice photo… The first line is unfortunate as ‘voice’, ‘chant’ and ‘sutra’ all repeat the same auditory image… the sound of sutra filling the temple grounds is a nice image though and make a link between Buddhist impermanence and the fleetingness of blossom and the seasonal round…

  3. i love this ambiquity…

    the chant of monks/ the smell of incense (without the picture)

    the chant of nature under the bright spring sun (without the picture)

    each possible idea featured independently off a kind of middle-line pivot, or the sum of the parts working as an organic whole . a human / nature chorus.

    and then the photo! as Stephen mentions, one that complements. another dimension: plum blossoms; their scent…singing their praises to the sun? (nice shot).

  4. Lovely! The poem and the image work together to take me back to Kyoto in February: I can feel the brief, teasing, chilly sun.

  5. Hisashi Miyazaki Says:

    Thank you all! Happy to have teachers of haiku in English worldwide.

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