From the Icebox inbox – Christmas & New Year

at the bus stop
a flying santa
up the gum tree
(Barbara A. Taylor)
new year advent –
thinking of what ifs
and what might have beens
(Vic Gendrano)
new year moon
icy dusk slips away
down river
(Willie Bandit)
a blue moon
illumines the New Year…
joy to the world
(Keith A. Simmonds)
virgin snow
the fox making prints
for the morning
(Alan Summers)
Thank you to the above, and to all who submitted in Jan./Feb. Anyone wishing to submit haiku, kindly do so as a comment on the Submissions page (top right).

4 Responses to “From the Icebox inbox – Christmas & New Year”

  1. I enjoyed all these haiku!

    We have flying santas, what ifs, icy dusk, and as well as virgin snow, we have a Blue Moon aka a Second Full Moon in a month which was a delight to see before and into the New Year on the streets of Bradford on Avon and so many other places too! ;-)

    With Words

  2. John Dougill Says:

    That’s a great batch of haiku!!! Some wonderful humour and images there… foxprints in virgin snow, new year thoughts…. and a santa up a gum tree!! Wonderful. I wonder why though we had to wait till February to get this New Year uplift… shouldn’t we be keeping in touch with the seasons, or is the name Icebox indicative that haiku are held in cold storage before being fully seasoned?!

    • ‘From the Icebox inbox’ postings are put together five or six times a year. Inevitably, they will refer to the preceding two months’ submissions, by which time some may be seasonally out-of-date. Several were submitted after the season to which they refer. There is not much we can do about this.

  3. You are forgiven, sir!

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