Midwinter harvest……

This just in from a poet/scholar/ornithologist friend of mine who lives in one of the coldest, snowiest parts of northeast Pennsylvania. His name is Don Sheehy. He refers to this haiku as a poem about “the plenitudes of lack,” and I now share it, by permission, with readers of the Icebox.

Midwinter harvest—
a flush of bright cardinals
from bare apple trees

—Don Sheehy

cardinals – crested red finches

3 responses to “Midwinter harvest……

  1. Like the way the flock of red winter birds evokes the crop of red autumn apples, now gone. A comment or two on some other posts, please, Mark, when time. Especially Nobuyuki’s Waterbirds – Dipper (below) or my recent longer haibun (click top right page) about crossing into your native country…

  2. Cardinals replacing apples! Love it. Especially the way you use the word “flush” to mean a group of birds, but of course it also makes one think of a flushed red apple.