Most of the things in life

Never happen –

Wild forget-me-not.


New-leaf cherry-trees:

The perch cruise the pond

In twos.


(Sagano, 29.4.10)

5 Responses to “Wistful”

  1. I really enjoyed these haiku particularly the second one.

    Alan’s Area 17 blog
    Literature Director, 2010 Bath Japanese Festival

  2. david mccullough Says:

    love these. As pretty, and sad, as windblown blossom.

  3. Lovely pieces! David’s comment helps us appreciate the poems.
    The title ‘Hyphens & Dashes’ puzzles me, though.

  4. Thanks for being puzzled by the title of the posting, Toshi, because it made me realize that my title was shallow – simply an observation that in addition to the usual dash to indicate a haiku break, here there were also coincidentally quite a number of hyphens used in the phrasing. I have retitled the piece.

  5. I think wistful is the perfect title now. It’s the feeling I had when I reached the last line of the second poem.

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