From the Icebox inbox 12

A sudden breeze

Wren and leaves

Fall in tandem

……….. (Mark Lonergan)


Patrick’s Day –

two deaf guys go on chatting

through the anthem

……….. (Norman Darlington)


A few snowflakes

take a tour around my garden

on Tom Cat’s back

……….. (Guus)


On the clean lines

of freshly cut paddies,

crows as musical notes

……….. (Ted Taylor)


hot winds blow

across the brown hills:

dreams of rain

……….. (Keith A. Simmonds)


3 Responses to “From the Icebox inbox 12”

  1. #2. Patrick’s Day… Nice contrast. Embedded in the sights and sounds of an event, a powerful soundless image that tips the scales. I can see them, no, I can hear only them.

    #4. Yep, that’s the scene and; “crows as musical notes”… how true, but they’re usually off key.

  2. John Dougill Says:

    Presumably the crows are a visual image of musical notes, which is clever given the auditory response that most people have to the cawing. And the ‘clean lines’ is just right in the case of Japanese rice fields; amazing how meticulous the farmers can be.

    I’m struck too by the humorous effect of the snowflakes taking a tour on the cat’s back… that it’s a Tom makes the image all the more striking. Nice one!

  3. I love the Saint Patrick’s Day image, especially the way you force me to re-imagine the word “chatting” as a visual, rather than aural, phenomenon!

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