Battery Park City.

A hipster flies

a tiny kite.

Too honest to steal,
too lazy to shop elsewhere.
Come back, fruit-stand man!

Lily, aster,
airless white sky.
I crave cold seltzer.


5 Responses to “Mid-June”

  1. Lovely to have you commenting/contributing again, Ellis. Is the smallness of the kite somehow indicative of the hipster’s constant search for the unusual? Don’t have enough background on Battery Park City to quite work this one out, though it sounds good! Seltzer (I have looked it up) is carbonated mineral water… for those who don’t know. There is music in this last, but it’s so personal I feel it would work even better in a haibun matrix.

  2. John Dougill Says:

    There’s something wonderfully liberating about these hip urban observations. I’m impressed. It’s as if you’ve managed to breathe new life into the haiku form and that’s quite an achievement… Perhaps you could build up a collection entitled New Dimensions….

  3. I like the first one. Gotta go back in time a for the old “hipster” which when matched with “tiny kite” evokes humor and a jazzy trumpet note or two for me.

    This poem immediately reminded me of Garry Gay’s;

    Weight lifter
    slowly lifting
    the tea cup

  4. Thank you! And I love the “Weight lifter…” poem, especially the way the line breaks create suspense– and, ultimately, humor.

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