from the Icebox inbox – 15 (two welcomes)

Welcome to David Sinex in Washington State, who has submitted manfully to the Icebox these past months. We will now be able to enjoy his own posts and more of his comments on others’ work, it is hoped. Two of his poems have been selected from the inbox. Both have a Japanese feel. The matsutake of the tanka is a delicious mushroom.

Temple irony ..

Monks spraying for mosquitoes ..

Do they not have souls? ..

.. The cool rain subsides

.. Alone in a dense pinewood

.. The scent draws my thoughts

.. Collecting matsutake

.. More than enough to share

And welcome back, Ronan Bligh, Moya’s son! We walked and talked again during the Jizobon Festival in Saga, Kyoto recently. Ronan would like to join Hailstone on a group ginko sometime, but we’ll have to wait: he’s now in China, and back in Oxford soon after … Click on the photo to enlarge.