A Cirku for Fujiwara Teika

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This small wooden statue of the C13th compiler of Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, ‘One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each’, Japan’s best-known collection of classical tanka, is housed in a tiny wooden pavilion, the Kasenshi, within the precincts of Jojakkoji Temple in Saga, Kyoto. It is seldom unlocked. See poem no. 3 in our new collection, ‘One Hundred Poets on Mount Ogura, One Poem Each’ for a haiku about its unlocking!

Praying for no clouds, I look forward to the Hailstone kukai + moon-viewing this Thursday…

10 responses to “A Cirku for Fujiwara Teika

  1. It’s getting cooler nowadays.
    I like circular haiku very much.
    I like moon viewing especially in autumn.

  2. I have a lively interest in Teika’s calligraphy.
    His handwriting was a very strong personality.
    In Japanese calligraphy it is Teika-ryu(in the manner of Teika).
    「明月記(Meigetu-ki)」is his diary.In it there is
    「十五日。甲子(きのえね)。夜に入り、明月蒼然。故郷寂として車馬の声を聞かず」。Theyear 1180.Kyoto was not the capital of Japan.It was Fukuhara in Kobe.
    I like circular haiku.It seems as if Teika is enjoying the full of the moon.Thank you very much.

  3. 明月記の十五日の日記は治承4(1180)年九月のことです。追記します。
    The aforesaid Teika’diary is September 15,1180(jisyou 4 ).

    • Thanks for the tip on Teika’s diary. Did he write it at Ogura Sanso, his villa in Saga, or at Fukuhara, I wonder?

  4. 1180(治承4)年の定家の私的生活や公的生活を調べたところ、福原遷都(6月2日)以降も定家は京都で生活していました。「明月記研究提要」にとると、例えば、6月27日、10月27日、11月30日は「高倉院の七瀬御祓の使を勤める」とあります。また、5月23日は「俊成と共に外祖母藤原親忠妻の法性寺邸に移る」とありますし、10月3日に「俊成、家族と共に梅小路から高辻京極に移る」

  5. In 1180(chisyo 4 nen) Teika lived in Kyoto.
    He was 19 years old.March 23 he moved from
    Minamoto Narizane Mansion (源成実邸)to Hottshoji Mansion(法性寺邸).And he moved to Nirizane Mansion again July 23.October 3 he
    moved from Umenokoji(梅小路)to Takatujikyo-
    goku(高辻京極)。February,1181 he moved from
    Takatujikyogoku to Minamoto Narizane Man-
    sion.So he moved again and again.I think that
    he wrote the diary of September 15 ,1n 1180
    at the Minamoto Narizane Mansion.I think he
    did not write it at Fukuhara and Ogura Sanso.
    What do you think ?

    • I have not read this diary written by the young Teika, but thank you, Yoshiharu, for all the details you have given about it.

  6. January 30,1199(正治元年) Teika went to Saga.
    February 8,1199 he went toSaga again.
    February 30,1199 he went to Saga with his wi-
    March 6,1199 he went to Saga and looked ov-
    er a house(雑舎).
    March 18,1199 The new house(雑舎)was built.
    March 24,1199 he went to Saga for taking the
    I looked into his private life when he was 38
    years old.I think he had his house in Saga in
    1199.What do you think ?

    • Thank you, Yoshiharu, for this interesting information. Unfortunately, I do not have this diary – or anything else to consult about the detailed life of Teika – so I have no opinion yet. Next time we meet, I would appreciate it if you can show me the book you are consulting.