Kikakuza International Haibun Contest 2011 – Free Entries and More Prizes!

The new rules for Japan’s first (and still solitary) haibun contest  have now been released. They have changed slightly for 2011. First of all, entries will be strictly limited to three, so if you send more, the later ones will not be read at all! Secondly, the Highly Commended category has transmuted into the Za Prizes (the Grand Prix still stands), so there is now more than one true prize to aim for. And last but not least, the Kikakuza is returning to a free-entry competition. Last year, an attempt was made to raise much-needed funds from entry payments, but it proved difficult to enforce and inhibiting to many foreign haibun writers. It is surely a generous gesture of Kikakuza and their friends to offer prizes, evaluation and publication of winners for free. So please take part! The deadline is January 31, 2011. You can send your unpublished entries from now on to the address given on the special page accessed at top right of the Icebox – ‘Kikakuza Haibun Contest 2011 Guidelines‘. Good luck!


3 Responses to “Kikakuza International Haibun Contest 2011 – Free Entries and More Prizes!”

  1. I am intersted in the Kikakuza Haibun contest. Is there an email where I may send 3 haibun to? If we do send via post can we send them on 8.5 and 11 inch paper? We do not have 4A paper here in the USA.

  2. Sorry again,

    On this page (top of the page), I can read, “Kikakuza haibun Contest’ s
    deadline is 31st march, 2011.

    Somewhat difficult to realize ! Am-I dreaming awake?

    Sorry… It’s a whole week for letters to Japan !

  3. Thank you, Claire. You are most helpful. I have corrected the misinformation to January 31st, 2011. Poets make lots of mistakes, including me! I will ask the office to wait for an extra week or more.

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