Equinox Moon Kukai

The Hailstone Haiku Circle’s recent kukai, held in Osaka – 10 present; 15 poets submitted – was won by Itsuyo Higashinaka (8 points – 3 first votes and 2 seconds) with a haiku about the funagata Daimonji

The ship shape of fire

floating in the western sky,

going where, I wonder?

Runner-up was Toshi Ida’s (6 points – 2 first votes and 2 seconds) pastoral lullaby …

The full moon

over the harvested rice fields –

villagers sleep

John Dougill led the appraisal session, which was both enlightening and fun. Hosts Akira & Shigeko Kibi provided us with tea and sandwiches, and later, a guided tour of the oldest part of Suita, which had started out as a river-port village centuries ago.

Just as we made our way back to the station, a  gorgeous moon obliged…

Veiled, numinous

Even the cat’s entranced …

Aikawa harvest moon. ….. (John Dougill)