Ohara Ginko-no-renga

Hailstones and friends met in Ohara, Kyoto on Sunday June 6, 2010 for a ginko (nature walk), which concluded with a renga (linked-verse composition) session. Ohara is a rural town located in the northern part of Kyoto. It is surrounded by forested mountains. Those who participated in this event contributing verses to the renga were John Dougill, Tito, Mayumi Kawaharada, Akira Kibi, Shigeko Kibi, Ursula Maierl, John McAteer, David McCullough, Hisashi Miyazaki, and Gerald Staggers.

The Ginko-no-renga was organized and hosted by David, who guided us part way up and around one of the forested mountains where we passed a number of small rustic shops, as well as Sanzen-in Temple, before heading out into a stretch of ricefields in the valley. After the walk, lunch was provided by David and his family at his home. The renga session, which featured a 3-2-3 sequence, took place in David’s backyard by the river, and was later edited via e-mail.

Ohara Renga

Warm blue sky
the ricefield flooded
& ready for seedlings

Chattering friends pass by
a frog’s eyes hidden in silence

At the end of a street
three figures of Jizo
in this breeze

Shall we allow
the Takano River to talk?

Farmer’s market
a row of knife sharpeners
swish the whetstones

Billows of afternoon smoke…
fresh-grilled sweetfish

Two mandarin ducks
leave for the sky;

A well-tanned old lady
selling ice-cream

After exchanging bows
he slows down his tractor
to pull over

Tall poppy rising
above the hill line

Into green shade
the lingering taste
of sugared citron peels

Reaching past the dry stone wall
ーa striped kite’s feather

Summer moon
a broken scoop net
in the paddy water

sabaki: Gerald with Hisashi

from the Icebox inbox – 16

loosening the storm crowflight in the rain     (Stuart Quine)

in the window
Rodin’s “Thinker”
and the far-off hills  (Ken Jones)

Under the bushes
A sleek slim grey bird …
Is its nest nearby?        (Jane Wieman)

evening breeze
did you see?
the leaves are free         (Priyanka Bhowmick)

Town full of sea fret –
Dew-bespangled in the sun,
Beachy Down glistens.       (Kamome)

(sea fret = sea mist;  Beachy Down = the ‘shoulder’ of Beachy Head, tallest chalk sea-cliff on the south coast of England)

V to U
a parliament of rooks
shift their flight       (Alan Summers)

(parliament = group; rooks = white-billed member of the crow family)