from the Icebox inbox – 16

loosening the storm crowflight in the rain     (Stuart Quine)

in the window
Rodin’s “Thinker”
and the far-off hills  (Ken Jones)

Under the bushes
A sleek slim grey bird …
Is its nest nearby?        (Jane Wieman)

evening breeze
did you see?
the leaves are free         (Priyanka Bhowmick)

Town full of sea fret –
Dew-bespangled in the sun,
Beachy Down glistens.       (Kamome)

(sea fret = sea mist;  Beachy Down = the ‘shoulder’ of Beachy Head, tallest chalk sea-cliff on the south coast of England)

V to U
a parliament of rooks
shift their flight       (Alan Summers)

(parliament = group; rooks = white-billed member of the crow family)

4 Responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 16”

  1. There is so much skill and inspiration in this selection from our inbox. Thank you to all the poets for submitting them, either via the Submissions page or by other means. I particularly like Ken’s ‘In the window’ and Priyanka’s ‘evening breeze’. The first is a fascinating juxtaposition of art and nature with rich undertones to savour; the second, so poetic and innocent, yet sophisticated, and with a rhyme that works! Fine work.

  2. All of these haiku were enjoyable.

    I loved the use of sea fret (sea fret = sea mist) that Kamome used.

    all my best,

    Alan, With Words

  3. A treat! I was especially drawn to the Anglo-Saxon spondees of “crowflight” and “sea fret”. Love the sound of “sleek slim grey bird” and the use of the shape of the letters U and V to delineate the flight formation of the rooks. One forgets about the sensual properties of letters themselves!

  4. Thanks Ellis for also liking my U and V haiku. Not everyone has got the meaning and atmospher but glad to see that Icebox people do! ;-)


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