November on Eleventh Street

So many yellow leaves,
you can see the shape
of the wind.

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  1. John Dougill Says:

    Nice one!

  2. I experienced just this today – in an avenue near Shinjuku in Tokyo! As Kaz and I emerged from our hotel into the blinding sun and crackling leaves, a vortex of downdraft, no doubt compressed between skyscrapers, took the fallen leaves of the street and turned them into a cavorting stream in midair! I wanted to ride their brown-and-gold dipper. The wind I saw was shaped like the two letters zeta and phi.
    Thanks for your lively, encouraging comments on so many posts elsewhere.

  3. Thanks! Tito, that’s beautiful! When I tried to describe “the shape of the wind” I saw, it looked like a series of elbows or check-marks– so prosaic! So I decided to quit while I was ahead. A dipper! Zeta and phi! Gorgeous.

    • Stuart Quine (from UK) sent Hailstone the following greeting verse (a one-liner) last month:

      summer’s end the shape of the wind in saltmarsh flowers

      We are not alone in seeing the wind’s shape!

  4. wonderful
    intense feeling
    captured by one simple image

  5. とてもすてきな晩秋の夕暮れのひとこま。与謝野晶子の「金色の小さき鳥の形して銀杏散るなり夕日の丘に」という短歌を連想しました。’the shape /of the wind’と’so many yellow leaves’が響き合っていると感じます。粘土を使った制作課題に風というテーマがあったのですが、この詩のようなイメージが思いついていたら違った作品ができたのになあ、と思いました。形がないと思われるものにも形がある、ということを教えられました。Thank you very much.

  6. a white scarf
    around the chimney…
    first snow

  7. great stuff! nice kire (cut). i love the relationship between the wind and the leaves. the shape of the wind through the shape of the swirling leaves. and what shape is it? whatever shape the reader wishes to conjure.

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