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from the Icebox inbox – 18 (haibun)

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i’ve been waiting for this – winter – a little obsessed, maybe, writing about it, thinking about it – worried about it some.

i wonder how the Hmong folks felt, their first winter in Minnesota? no snow in the Laotian Highlands, i’m almost sure. the kids at the bus stop, fresh from Thai refugee camps, shivering. we went out, giving them old winter coats, bundling them up. they wore embarrassed looks (if complacent), listening to our strange language, fussing and cooing as we tucked them into ski jackets and childrens’ parkas. all they knew was that the ‘elders’ of this new village wanted them to conform to new ways, new weather. “Asians respect their elders”; or so we always say.

a ubiquitous icon –
hand-me-down clothes

an occasional sound of cars hissing past on wet streets. the clock’s ticking, and always… the sound of distant trains. what is it, 3 a.m.? still drunk, i open the blinds, look out, motionless… wanting to be far away.

gusts of snow
and the smell of coffee –
street light in pools

William Sorlein

(first posted on Haiku Bandit Society’s site; here, slightly edited)

from the Icebox inbox – 17

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fog pond
invisible voices
on every side

michael henry lee

Summer people gone.
Skipping stones break the stillness—
My head nods in time.

david sinex

winter night–
rubbing nickels and dimes
into ones and fives

city soup kitchen–
long pink fingernails
with a plate

tori inu

Leaves from
my lone ginkgo
litter the neighbor’s roof

ted taylor

a child’s voice –
the origami box
for Halloween candy

alan summers

Ginko of the Falling Leaves

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This composition stroll, originally organized by Keiko and Stephen to welcome Boston Haiku Society’s Raffael de Gruttola, was held in Kyoto’s ‘Central Park’ – 京都御苑  Kyoto Gyoen, about the old Imperial Palace – on November 27. R’s tour hosts had other plans for him, though. Gerald brought his children, Taiji and Miya. After two hours of strolling through the autumn leaves, we ended up in the cafe-restaurant, Uenoyama, there sharing some of our haiku of the day, … of which a sample:

autumn sun…
a cat curls up
into one of the stone lanterns
(Gerald Staggers)

haiku poet
shimmering colored leaves
(Akira Kibi)

the wood thick
with colored leaves…
from sister’s seeking
brother hides well
(Keiko Yurugi)

Taught about
“Relax Bear”
Under a burning maple

through a stone archway
to collect holy water
for my aged mum –
falling leaves
(Mari Kawaguchi)

treading on fallen leaves…
his name repeated,
“the poet, Raffael”

. φ . ζ . φ . ζ . φ . ζ . φ . ζ . φ . ζ . φ .

At Jingoji

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