from the Icebox inbox – 17

fog pond
invisible voices
on every side

michael henry lee

Summer people gone.
Skipping stones break the stillness—
My head nods in time.

david sinex

winter night–
rubbing nickels and dimes
into ones and fives

city soup kitchen–
long pink fingernails
with a plate

tori inu

Leaves from
my lone ginkgo
litter the neighbor’s roof

ted taylor

a child’s voice –
the origami box
for Halloween candy

alan summers

2 responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 17

  1. Well chosen, David. Liked the ‘double take’ of Michael’s ‘fog pond’ with a realization that the voices are human and not amphibian. The phrasing of David S’s verse as three separate sentences makes it, for me, a would-be-haiku. While being a haiku moment, worth recording, its phrasing is not haiku style. Fortunately, though, our Icebox welcomes the whole gamut of micro-poetry, and it has its merits as it is. Tori’s ‘city soup kitchen’ is definitely a senryu, and a good one – very poignant. Ted’s ‘leaves’ has an excellent aftertaste. I could go on …

  2. “Micro-poetry” is a useful expression.

    Ted Taylor is an alliterative literate: I like the way the Ls tie the three lines together, ‘littering’ the poem itself, and move us from close-up to wide shot. The potential for opprobrium that ‘litter’ implies reminds us of the importance of social ties in cheek-by-jowl urban Japan, ironically contrasting with the lonesome feel of the piece. Indeed, there is a sense of isolation in most of the poems here, perhaps a product of winter frigidity. It’s certainly freezing in Kyoto tonight!