Kikakuza Haibun Contest 2011 deadline approaches fast!

Very sorry for the conflicting information we seem to have had up on the Icebox until recently. The deadline for this, Japan’s first and still only haibun contest, is officially 31 January, but we had apparently put ’31 March’ on one of our earlier posts. Poets! … I ask you!  (tut)

We have requested the contest office to be lenient with the deadline this year, so if you still have not sent something off, if it arrives in Japan by mid-February, we expect it will be included in the judges’ bundle! And, this year, entry is free. Full details on the Contest Guidelines page (accessed top right). Thank you to Claire in Paris for the alert.

Audio haiku with stones

モノケイロケモノ展 MONOKEIROKEMONO, a multi-media 3-man exhibition evoking the spirit of things, opened at the Tokyo Gallery in Ginza yesterday. Hailstone Stephen is contributing audio haiku with ‘live stones’ (生け石). The other two artists are Takahiro Kondo (ceramic/glass) and Hiroshi Onishi (computer images). Nobuyuki and Shigeko Yuasa came to the opening on Jan. 15 , at which Stephen read haiku and a haibun piece about stones. The exhibition is free, and open 11-7  (11-5 Sat.) through Feb. 12. Closed on Suns., Mons. and Feb. 11. Two of the audio haiku to be heard in the gallery are:

石に詩を題して過ぐる枯野かな (蕪村)

Composing a poem / about a stone, / then walking on / across the winter moor  (Buson)

大岩双つ8の字にめぐれば遠雷 (ティートー)

Walking a figure of eight / around two boulders – / distant thunder  (Tito)

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