return of the cuckoo’s call
from a clump of tangled bushes
on this hill

3 Responses to “Call”

  1. John Dougill Says:

    This made me wonder whether it was simply about spring, or about the poet’s voice returning after a period of silence. Nicely suggestive. It also made me wonder about the length of the lines… do we need ‘a clump’ in the second line, for instance? Could the last line not have an adjective to bring the hill to life? Anyway I like the phrase ‘tangled bushes’ as it provides a nice image of the cuckoo hidden within. Sound, season and visual interest are contained in an evocative call from the heart of nature….

  2. Great that there ARE still some tangled bushes in this world for the cuckoo to find!

  3. ‘Tangled bushes’ is effective, isn’t it? The cuckoo is a bird that can be heard, but cannot be seen.

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