The Cape

When afterglow comes
To the cape
The dull thudding of waves –
Lighthouse, unmanned.

(Higashihenna, Miyakojima, Okinawa, 19.5.11)

2 Responses to “The Cape”

  1. Hisashi Miyazaki Says:

    When it comes to Nansei Islands including Miyakojima, I always remind the taste of Okinawa rice liquor, awamori, which was first manufactured in the Islands about 600 years ago, originating from the old Thai rao-ron / Chinese laojiu. Its name is said to come from the fact that its alcohol level was estimated by the extent of bubbling (awa no mori kagen) during fermentation. It is also said that, even though the head clerk could manage the safe key, the manufacturing master alone could have the key of awamori cellar. The liquor is the oldest historical and cultural spirit in Japan. It has a fragrant, smooth taste. When drink, mellow! Higashihenna Cape is locating as if it separates the East China Sea from the Pacific Ocean, and is seemingly deserted but enough mellow to heal people. With awamori, let’s hear the early evening thudding of waves in the picture!

  2. I see you are truly missing the Southern Isles! Try to get back there soon, please.
    What I most enjoyed about Miyakojima was the Q U I E T. The main islands of Japan are so noisy! Miyakojima relayed to my ears only … the wash of gentle surf, an occasional bird, the breeze lightly touching leaves …

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