Cities of Green Leaves Ginko-no-Kukai for Sendai

Dear Willie,
We hope that your city Mayor will indeed manage to send the little harvest of worldwide poems to the Mayor of Sendai, and she will be able to use it in some way. Sendai’s Aoba Festival, on the weekend we chose to do our worldwide haiku composition strolls, in your event entitled, ‘Cities of Green Leaves’, was apparently cancelled this year because of the Disaster. The fact that poets on several continents were putting their efforts together through you in that ‘Green Leaves’ (Aoba) spirit seems to me as if we were somehow cherishing the Festival on their behalf and keeping it alive. At least that’s what my Hailstone friends and I were thinking as we strolled from Ota Shrine to Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto, and on down the Kamo River.
Sincerely, and with thanks
…………………………………………………………………… Tito

For Icebox readers, the joint winning haiku (both 9 pts.) were:

Under this bridge
weeds grow from the walls
an old flame

Paul Conneally / England

Spring’s beginning
a violet
the first to know

Lorin Ford / Australia

… There were several 8-5 pointers, but the highest-scoring Hailstone walkers’ haiku were (all 4 pts.)

The sacred camphor tree –
The stream glares in the evening sun
Time and place all blur

Masako Fujie / Japan

Writing the word
on a haricot bean

Tito / Japan

a breeze –
on the water
sky appearing . . .
under purple irises

Keiko Yurugi / Japan

Willie (of the Haiku Bandit Society) says that all Hailstones who submitted got at least 1 pt. for one of their haiku. He hopes that everyone who took part will have donated to one or other of the Disaster relief sites whose links were available on his site.

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  1. Love the group photo, Tito.

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