The Do Nothing Club

About ten years ago, here in Kyoto, I tried to launch a Do Nothing Club. The idea was one member would choose a spot to meet and we’d collect, smile (but not talk), just walk a bit, then sit somewhere on the ground… and look, smell, listen… generally relax together. And then go home. No photography, no food, no haiku. Trouble was: the other two prospective founders (one Japanese, the other American) just couldn’t be bothered. So the Do Nothing Club never managed to convene a single meeting… as a result of (how shall I put this?)… well,… INACTION!

……. Beginning to pock
……… the night sand
………. around the sacred camphor …
……….. tomorrow’s summer rain

6 Responses to “The Do Nothing Club”

  1. Nice one… I like the way it’s tomorrow’s summer rain…

    Incidentally there’s a very active Sloth Club in Kyoto… there’s also a Do Nothing club at my university which meets on alternate Wednesdays. I believe they call themelves ‘the kyoujukai’.

    • Kyoujukai means ‘scheduled meeting of professors’ for those who don’t understand John’s remark. Interesting distancing effect of the word ‘they’!

  2. This reminded me of the time when an ex-girlfriend attended an Anarchy Conference. Who would plan such a thing?

    • Yes, that sounds a little too well-organized for anarchy!
      Hope you get your books, you ‘do-nothinger’! Any plans to visit Kyo this year? It would be nice to see you again.

  3. a mere ten years?
    never too late
    to do nothing at all

  4. Sharoni Stern Siegel Says:

    hmm….the wisdom of no escape? or the escape of no wisdom?

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