Three October haiku

Three haiku, related only by being written this month.

The first is set on Kudanzaka, a slope on Tokyo’s Yasukuni-dori in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace, with Yasukuni Shrine at its top. My partner and I went separate ways, and I could still make him out in the distance, even in half-darkness.

Kudanzaka showed you
All the way down

The second I wrote on the twelfth, the night of this month’s full moon. Nature can save conversation.

What can I tell you
But that tonight’s full moon
Is this year’s smallest

And the final one, this morning – it speaks for itself. (I resisted the temptation to include the f word!)

Too hot, too cold
With or without blankets –
And now a mosquito

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  1. So finally you’ve made it onto the top page, David, as a full contributor. Congratulations, and full marks for perseverance! Thank you for giving us a peak into your Tokyo poet’s world. I remember earlier days when you were with us here in Kyoto. For those of you who think they remember you, check out the little green book, Hailstones (2001), where we published a ‘blinding flash’ of a poem.
    The first two haiku here are that rarity, love haiku. They move me. I love the slope ‘showing’ a person. I’m sure you’ll get some welcoming comments from others soon.

  2. Greetings…
    Funnily enough, in contrast to Stephen, it’s the second and final haiku that I like best. Thank goodness you didn’t include the ‘f” word in the third haiku as it would have spoilt the charm, I think… there’s a ‘bite’ of humour in it that I find appealing… The second one sets me thinking, which is what I like about good haiku… there’s a strong seasonal reference too, beyond the personal implications. The first haiku I found difficult to relate to in the same way, partly because I can’t relate to Kudanzaka and partly because ‘Twilit’ isn’t euphonious or evocative for me personally. But I enjoyed that autumn selection overall. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing the humorous experience in the third poem. Reminded me of;

    Fleas, lice,
    a horse peeing
    near my pillow

    Cover my head
    or my feet?
    the winter quilt

    I liked how your poem presented the two aspects of nature (weather/insects), and how troubesome they could be to us humans when working as a tag team.

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