Formal Renku Performance

A number of Hailstone Haiku Circle poets went to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine on October 29th to watch a performance of traditional renku and then a shirabyoshi dancer (Yuriko Inoue) give her own dramatic version of some of the stanzas.  The event was part of the autumn Kokumin Bunkasai being held in Kyoto this year. The sosho (editor) was Seiji Kobayashi and the shuhitsu (scribe), Tadakatsu Wada. In the audience were Raffael de Gruttola, John McAteer, Martin Barrow, amongst others. The last two links (no. 35 & 36) were:

ほのぼのと 明るさ闇(やみ)の 花篝(はなかがり) Dimly perceived / light & shadow / from the night cherry-blossom braziers  (by sosho)

笙(しょう)横笛の 音色(ねいろ)のどけし  The notes of a flute and a bamboo mouth-organ / in tranquil harmony  (by shuhitsu)

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