大原オウギ峠でのミズメなどの落ち葉(Ogi Pass, Ohara, 4.12.11)

please click the photo to read the haiku more easily

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  1. Nice angle on the photo and a skilful bit of technological montage of which I’m envious…I love the sentiment of the haiku but am disturbed by ‘fallen’ in the last line given the context of the photo. How would it be if ‘fallen’ fell out and was omitted? I think the rhythm would run better…

  2. John raises an interesting point: with the photo, ‘fallen’ becomes redundant. Without the photo, the word is necessary in order to prevent the reader from imagining the leaves are still on the tree (a different situation/season).
    Cherry-birch, by the way, is ミズメ (betula grossa) with large rounded triangular leaves that seem to give off a fragrance resembling that of 桜餅. Mizume birch contains the same type of natural oil as does the Oshima cherry leaf wrapped around the famous confectionery.
    On the day of the hike, the smell was a little mystery that had us stopped in our tracks for many, many minutes.

  3. this is a fine haiku by Tito-san
    much enjoyed reading it
    captures the feel and aroma of autumn beautifully.
    after reading it I felt the scent becomes the trail .. would like to follow it .. probably a fine scent .. cherry birch leaves. But at the end of the poem why the ? the hiker is not sure if it that really is the scent , maybe just cherry but cherry birch sounds better in the verse .. LB

  4. Richard Donovan Says:

    I too was lucky enough to partake of the aroma on the trail. Reading Tito’s poem reminds me that later in a tea house garden in Ohara, where outside most of the momiji remained, miraculously lucent, on the trees in the mid-afternoon sun, I ate a shiso (perilla)-flavoured soft-freeze. It was not to Tito’s taste….


    perilla soft-serve:
    a perilous purple feast
    for those who like it least

    (Sorry Tito — いろんな意味で.)

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