10 responses to “Lunar eclipse

  1. Brilliant photo and haiku.

    Sadly the cloud (and snow) obscured the view that night in Oshika, Nagano. No orange, but I did get to eat a nice apple.

    • I agree what others have said about the photo. A postcard indeed. kaching $$$. The humorous image in the last line is out of this world! Why is the phrase “the hunter” included?

      In regard to your award: perhaps the dog is starving.

      • Thanks for your comment, Gerald. To me, Orion without ‘the hunter’ is not anthropomorphic enough for the image in this haiku, and doesn’t sing. In Britain, at least, we often attach the attribute, conveying more vividly his giant, striding, star-belted presence in the sky. The eclipsed moon was poised a little way above the constellation, of course, but hardly at a safe distance.

    • Dottie is pleased it is cold. Winter is her favorite season. As well as tasty haikai, she can sniff out a chicken bone beneath three feet of snow!

      Best regards from Minnesota!


  2. I found this haiku both humorous and startling. I agree that ‘the hunter’ is useful here; the rhythm rolls well and adds to the personification. ‘A rotten orange moon’ took me by surprise – why rotten? The image is too beautiful to look anything rotten.