Genjuan (formerly Kikakuza) International Haibun Contest: LAST MINUTE!

The deadline (January 31st) for entries in this year’s Genjuan (formerly Kikakuza) International Haibun Contest 2012 is approaching fast! This is still Japan’s only international haibun opportunity. Please submit up to three pieces, as per guidelines on the dedicated page (link under ‘Pages’ at top right). Free entry. Good luck!

LAST MINUTE! (See Comments below)

4 responses to “Genjuan (formerly Kikakuza) International Haibun Contest: LAST MINUTE!

  1. The office has its reasons for not accepting email submissions, I hear. Only for special needs (i.e. postal strikes, etc.) will they allow me to give you the Genjuan Contest office email address. Leave a comment below if you absolutely require this special dispensation and I will get back to you by private email. (As administrator of the Icebox site, your email address will automatically show on my site dashboard when you leave the comment.) The receipt asknowledgment will be sent to you by post, however.
    The deadline is not a super strict one, so even if your pieces get to the office a few days into Feb., it will probably be fine.

  2. Hi there! You mentioned the deadline isn’t super-strict. Could I still post my entry? If not (i.e. if it would arrive too late from Australia), I’d be grateful for that email address. I only found out about the competition today.