Winter haiku

Snow flakes flutter –
only the huddled seagulls
for company

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  1. This haiku is in the tradition of “winter solitude” haiku written over the ages by Basho and most of the great haiku poets. I think it is interesting that each season has its own kinds of solitude and mood. Well done!

    I might add this one:

    winter solitude
    in the white tips of pine needles
    i can see the wind

  2. early snow…
    white stones glowing
    under the bridge

  3. Nice alliteration. Those “L’s” seem to bring out the softness of the moment, yet those “huddled seagulls” seem to stir a lonliness, or desire for companionship, within the poet. On one level, I was struck by the relationship between “flutter” and “huddled seagulls”. On another level, I primarily associate seagulls near beaches therefore, I can sense the vastness of where the poet is (figuratively and literally).

  4. “snow flakes flutter ” ..
    goes well with the wings of seagulls .. sharing each other’s solitude and whiteness .. a symphony in white ..
    fine verse John, but i think that haikus should end in a concrete noun .. the last word lingers .. but this is only my opinion .. you could swap line 2 & 3
    .. for company
    only huddled seagulls ?

  5. Being big on alliteration, I enjoy the sound of ‘snow flakes flutter’
    as well as finding it an interesting contrast to the ‘huddled seagulls’ – in itself an unusual image.

    How would ‘huddled seagulls’ work as the last image, swapping
    it with the ‘company’ line?

    There certainly is a sense of chill
    and solitude here.

    • End with ’huddled seagulls’.I agree with U.

  6. Beautiful haiku, indeed! It evokes a great atmosphere of serenity and peace (“flakes flutter”) with an inherent sense of togetherness(“huddled seagulls”) to combat the intensity of the cold.

  7. Winter hones branches,
    demands honesty. Our words
    made visible rise.

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