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Tokyo snow

Posted in Haibun, Winter on February 10, 2012 by David Stormer Chigusa

Tokyo got snow about three weeks ago—only about 3cm. I was fortunate to happen to look outside the night it was snowing, and it was quite a storm, with snowflakes flying as furiously as snowflakes can with a kind of mute rage that lets itself out in a tiny frigid sting, then lingers for perhaps a delicate second or two, then melts—like cartoon bees.

What amazes me though is how long the quite light frosting the roads got remains. Until just a day or two ago, a whole two weeks after the snowfall, there were still patches of it on edges of roads and footpaths. And it’s at its most treacherous after a week when patches adhere to the pavement, almost totally transparent and clean forgotten, but stealing the unwary step in a second, landing you instantly on your ass.

Let out once a winter
Tokyo snowflakes
Really flounce

We were once pretty
Says this gutteral
Slurp underfoot

That glassy-eyed
Sidewalk wants sitting on
Real hard

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