Tokyo snow

Tokyo got snow about three weeks ago—only about 3cm. I was fortunate to happen to look outside the night it was snowing, and it was quite a storm, with snowflakes flying as furiously as snowflakes can with a kind of mute rage that lets itself out in a tiny frigid sting, then lingers for perhaps a delicate second or two, then melts—like cartoon bees.

What amazes me though is how long the quite light frosting the roads got remains. Until just a day or two ago, a whole two weeks after the snowfall, there were still patches of it on edges of roads and footpaths. And it’s at its most treacherous after a week when patches adhere to the pavement, almost totally transparent and clean forgotten, but stealing the unwary step in a second, landing you instantly on your ass.

Let out once a winter
Tokyo snowflakes
Really flounce

We were once pretty
Says this gutteral
Slurp underfoot

That glassy-eyed
Sidewalk wants sitting on
Real hard

For photos, see my JapanVisitor blog.

3 Responses to “Tokyo snow”

  1. Thanks, David, for this poetic insight into the relationship of a poet in the New Capital with the snowflakes and what they turn into. The snow is very animated, personified if you like, and having three haiku at the end of the piece reinforces each haiku. If you had chosen only one of them, I fear the thing might have fallen a little flat… and that’s not meant to be a pun!

  2. Thanks, Tito. Yes, the relationship was an intimate one in several different ways. The most memorable – and painful – outcome warranted, I thought, relating with a dash of humor.

  3. The haiku makes me shiver…

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