Another sleepless night

On my recent trip to Tohoku with Radio colleague, Julian, we visited the little hot-spring town of Iizaka near Fukushima. 323 years earlier, Basho had stayed here and been plagued by thunder, a leaking roof, mosquitoes and fleas. He tells us that he headed out of town at crack of dawn.
We too found ourselves a  ramshackle inn to stay in.

…. Late night thaw,
…. Snow crashing down from rooves:
…. As Basho’s was,
…. Another sleepless night?

(Iizaka, Fukushima, 6.2.12)


3 Responses to “Another sleepless night”

  1. I enjoy the sense of haiku historical continuity and of nature in
    dramatic motion.

    The image of the stones is intriguing – could you tell us something
    about it?

    • Hover your mouse over the photo, and you should see a little information about Ioji Temple pop up in a window. I can only presume the stones are used like ema are at a shrine. You write a wish on one and string it to the prayer hall. People obviously believe that prayers are granted here.

  2. Some of you may know that I went to Tohoku not only to visit Basho sites, but to see how things are in the area devastated by the awful 11 March Quake last year. For a short account in pictures, please visit

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