Spring promise

We’re into the sankan shion 三寒四温 time (three days cold, four days warm), and with Kitano’s Baikasai 梅花際 (plum blossom festival) at the end of the week spring is about to burst forth despite Kyoto’s recent covering of snow… Here’s a trio of haiku from the past cold spell which draw on the traditional notion of looking forward to the new season…

Sweet Valentine –
Plum blossom bud
Shyly emerging


Grey sky, grey stream
Black cormorants brooding:
Kingfisher flash of spring


Frisky ducks
Oblivious to snow –
Forgotten memories


8 Responses to “Spring promise”

  1. Wonderful! I particularly like your Grey sky, grey stream haiku.

  2. aaahh ! My plum blossoms are more shy than yours, it seems –
    still furled and tiny .

    The greys and black give just the right lead in to ‘brooding’ while the flash of brightness of the kingfisher breaks for a dramatic moment,
    heralding spring. Lovely, atmospheric contrast of colour, mood,
    environment, birds, action and seasons.

    ‘Frisky’ is unusual and fun for ducks.
    I wonder are the forgotten memories the poet’s or the ducks’?

  3. Hi Norman, thanks for the comment, and also to Ursula…. you are more northerly than me and I guess it’s colder up there, hence your shyer plum blossoms… As for the forgotten memories, I think they are the poet’s… ducks seem to remember what to do in spring with no problem!!

    • you have me chuckling – no forgetful ducklings !!

      • It’s good to have your bubbly, female warmth here on the Icebox, Ursula. We have long been male dominated. Even Ellis has recently gone quiet (a new book just launched).

    • I like the idea of a “Plum blossom bud shyly emerging”. Oh, the anticipation of its scent!

      “Frisky ducks…” as Ursula mentioned, seems unusual and fun. I like the humor in the habit of the ducks. I even wondered if the poet were playing in the snow too with the ducks?

  4. Hello a few days ago I posted here an introduction haiku. I heard from Norman Darlington that something had gone wrong. So I post it here again.
    I love to write haiku and I am doing that since the late eighties. A few years ago I became an international known haiku poet through contributing haiku to the website http://www.wonderhaikuworlds.com

    I write under a nom the plume Chevrefeuille, that’s my pseudonym. My real name is Kristjaan Panneman and I am living in The Netherlands. I am a male oncology nurse in a local hospital.
    Since 2007 I have a weblog http://chevrefeuilleshaikublog.blogspot.com/

    Well that’s something about me. I love to share the following introduction haiku:

    croaking frogs
    the scent of the old pond
    in the evening

    Inspired on the famous haiku by Basho “old pond”.

    Love to hear from you.

    • Nice to meet you. The place for submitting haiku is the ‘New Submissions’ page via the link at top right on our top page. I suggest that now we know who you are, you resubmit this ‘frogs’ haiku as a comment there. You will soon get used to the ways of the Icebox. Welcome anyway! Thanks also to Norman.

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