Winter Haiku 2

A snow-flake cluster
Lights upon my red scarf––


5 Responses to “Winter Haiku 2”

  1. oooooo – I like “bejewled ” !

  2. Very visual, very feminine. お久しぶりに。どうもありがとう!

  3. It’s fascinating how the word “Lights” can suggest multiple meanings. Its placement between “a snowflake cluster” and “bejeweled” reinforces the qualities of these images. What a wonderful gift from nature.

  4. grimy wet paws
    traipse muddy prints
    onto wooden furniture –
    spring slush

    • As this has no connection with Mayumi’s snowflake haiku, please repost this haiqua on our Hibikiai Forum ‘Experimental Haiku’ page, accessed by link at top right of our top page in the orange-coloured page list. Commenting there is the place for new haiku (or at Submissions – NEW page). When you’ve done so, I’ll erase the comment here. Thanks, Ursula.

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