Sayonara Sakura

Rolling hills, flowing stream
A subtle hint of fragrance:
Cruel, cruel illusion
Fluttering, floating,
Cherry blossom stream….
Hawks spiral on high

2 Responses to “Sayonara Sakura”

  1. Thanks for the posting, John. So you are still in Kyoto! The first line of your first haiku is very Chinese in feel (I like parallelism). Wasn’t sure about the relation of the photo to your two haiku, other than that it shows cherry blossom, so refrained from allocating this post to the ‘haipho’ category and scaled down the apparent size of the picture.
    Walking along the Biwako Sosui from Inari Station to Ryukoku U. on Friday, I noticed the canal was bearing millions of floating petals out of town…

  2. Yes, very nice haiku. I like the second one; the imagery is fine. I assumed that the photo was of some statue in Nagasaki. The juxtaposition of the monument against the pinks, and that set surrounded by the green makes for a memorable image.
    About the first haiku, I guess you are referring to the fact that cherry blossoms at first glance would seem to be fragrant. But in Japan, very few flowers have any smell. They look great, but have no fragrance.
    Thanks for the brace of poesy.

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