Genjuan International Haibun Contest 2012 Results

幻住庵 Genjuan Haibun Contest
Decorated Works 2012

Grand Prix:
Jackdaws by D J Peel (Takenoko), U.K.

An (Cottage) Prizes:
The Blue Jacaranda by Kala Ramesh, India
Crime and Punishment by Cara Holman, U.S.A.
Yeh Go I by James Norton, Ireland

Honourable Mentions:
Kite in August by Carol Pearce, U.S.A.
Gandolph and Merlin by Pearl Elizabeth Dell May, U.K.
The Unstrung Guitar by Patricia Prime, New Zealand
Timeline by Roberta Beary, U.S.A.
Mind Unfound by Sonam Chhoki, Bhutan

.. We received a total of 96 entries from 14 different countries. We are very pleased with this result and should like to thank all the contributors for their warm support. The general level of the works was high enough, but it was difficult for the judges to single out a piece for the Grand Prix. Also, it was equally difficult for the judges to limit the number of Honourable Mentions to five since so many works followed close on their heels. Our hearty congratulations go to the authors of the decorated works.
.. Some works ran over onto a second page, and others were too short. We also received a copy of previously published work, and one entrant wrote his name at the top of the page! All such minor violations of the rules present us with problems. We have slightly revised the guidelines for next year’s Contest, outlined via the page link at top right of this screen. The main change is that in 2113, instead of a length stipulation of anything up to 30 lines, we have made it 20-40 lines. We hope thereby to encourage rather longer haibun. The top four haibun from 2012 will be reproduced on this site shortly, under a special page link, for anyone to read.

8 Responses to “Genjuan International Haibun Contest 2012 Results”

  1. Congratulations to all the prize-winners and Honourable Mentions! It’s very nice to read of such strong support for this important haibun contest.

  2. Congratulations to all of the winners and honorable mentions.

  3. Congratulations Cara, James, Roberta, Patricia & Sonam!
    Can’t believe I got the An (Cottage) Prize too . . . !!

  4. Thanks a ton, Norman and Terril for your warm wishes

  5. Pearl Elizabeth Dell May Says:

    My goat Merlin has just run off with my letter in his mouth. I was trying to tell him how happy I was to receive an honorable mention. oh, well the haibun was about him and his brother Gandolph!

  6. Congratulations to the prize-winners, honorable mentions, and everyone who entered. (As for those of us who couldn’t bring together a decent enough Haibun in time to enter look on the bright side; we have a head start on the next contest)

  7. I’m so pleased to have made this list. Looking forward to reading everyone’s haibun!

  8. […] results for the Genjuan Haibun Contest are now posted (minus the haibun themselves, which will appear soon). Like this:LikeBe the first to […]

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