Sogenchi Pond & Sazare Rock

April 5th. Five Hailstones joined a group of Australian and New Zealand haiku and tanka poets (coordinated by Eucalypt‘s Beverley George) for a temple lunch and a stroll around Muso Soseki’s 14th Century Sogenchi 曹源池 Water Garden at Tenryuji Zen Temple in Sagano. Earlier, Tito had given the visitors a lecture on the literary history of the area at Kyorai’s house, Rakushisha 落柿舎.

…. the faint clatter
…. of the weaver’s loom . . .
…. Saga lane
……………………. (Beverley George)

April 15th. Four Hailstones joined volunteers of the NPO, People Together for Mt. Ogura, for a hike to Ondo Hill 音戸山 in Sagano, where we found the Sazare Rock, famed for the anonymous waka written about it (Kokinshu 343), on which the words for Japan’s national anthem were based: わが君はちよにやちよにさざれ石の巌となりて苔のむすまで That His Majesty’s reign / May continue for a thousand, / Even eight thousand generations; / For as long as it took the Sazare Rock to form / And for moss to find a home. As many of the pine-trees around it have died, the sun now shines directly on much of the huge Rock, and moss was hard to find in its crannies! Later, we helped PTO with bundling up faggots of brushwood for traditional  Saga-style fencing. ‘From the Icebox inbox – 25’ (two posts below) includes a haiku written on the day by JikoAlso, this, from Akira Kibi:

…. blossoming cherries
…. to the speedwell in the field …
…. spring has come

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5 Responses to “Sogenchi Pond & Sazare Rock”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tito. Awesome landscape especially the valley cushioned from the top with cherry blossoms.

  2. Thanks for the history of Sazare Rock (national anthem info), and nice shot of the view towards Mt. Ogura from Sazare Rock.

    Will poems from this event be posted?

    • Alas, no one collected poetry at either of the two events (too much else going on): unusual. Wish you had been there! We’ll post some Wakanoura haiku after the next ginko, for sure.

  3. Have now added a haiku by BG for the 5th event … and there’s a haiku by LB (Jiko) in the ‘Inbox 25’ posting from the 15th walk. Akira has just sent another from the 15th, too – also, now in. That will have to do for now.

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