Young Otis

Holding a placard

And looking forward

To being four.

……………………….. (with Mark Oseland’s son, …… on a demonstration in Kyoto, 29.6.12)

* The placard reads ‘PLEASE PROTECT US CHILDREN’.  This demonstration (outside the Kansai Power Co. HQ) was in Kyoto, just 60km downwind of Ohi, home of two nuclear reactors due to reactivate from July 1st, only 15 months after the Fukushima Disaster. In a land of earthquakes, this is clearly against the will of the majority of people here. 40,000 + marched in Tokyo!

3 Responses to “Power”

  1. Jacqui Murray Says:

    That photograph of young Otis is so evocative … in so many dimensions. I have been involved in peaceful anti-nuclear activities for 40 years. It saddens me that a new generation has to take up the cause – at so young an age in what was such a beautiful country. Best wishes – Jacqui Murray (Australia)

    • Thank you for this comment, Jacqui. Japan is still a beautiful country, but at present a sad one… for several reasons which I prefer to leave to your haiku imagination!

  2. I love the photo. The protesters’ expression, especially the young boy’s, is so cheering in spite of their serious message.

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