Sri Lankan haiku

In the ruins of a cliff-top palace
Two bitches lying,
Teats into
The cooling wind.

…… (Sigiriya, 12.8.12)




Unfurling her umbrella
In front of the broom shop
A lady in red —
Ocean squall.

…… (Wadduwa, 21.8.12)

4 Responses to “Sri Lankan haiku”

  1. I like the images, very striking. The effect would be even more powerful if these were streamlined to the essential elements and presented closer to haiku form–not necessarily 5-7-5 but with the fat cut out.

  2. Thank you, Tito, for the two wonderful poems from Sri Lanka. They catch impressive moments of your journey – so vivid that I feel that I am with you sharing the tropical heat and rain. However, I am also interested in knowing about your journey as a whole. Why don’t write a piece of haibun to satisfy my (I should probably say our) appetite? I myself enjoyed a journey to England through the Internet this summer. It was a a good way to forget the tremendous heat of this summer. Amazingly, the Internaet has tons of information about the the places I want to visit. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your postcard from Sri Lanka.

  3. Wonderfully atmospheric haiku, Tito. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka; like Sosui, I would love to read a broader description of your visit, and what more satisfying way than by haibun!

  4. Thanks, Nobuyuki & Norman. I have responded with the above haibun, ‘The Hang of Things’, though it was probably a rushed job. Still catching up after so much holiday!

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