Seeing is Believing

Of ripples
On the midnight river
The moon is making
Alphabet soup

(Chidorigafuchi, Hozu River, Kyoto, 28.9.12)

7 Responses to “Seeing is Believing”

  1. beautiful !
    In the soup,
    one can notice –
    a happy man dancing

  2. Beautifully composed. The images bring the essence of contemporary word-art. Many kudos to Tito.

  3. splendid!
    This makes me happy.

  4. Richard Donovan Says:

    Perhaps on observing you, Tito, the river and the moon were attempting a haiku of their own? Beautiful shot, and a delicious poem.

    • Humour aside, it was a completely spell-binding moon+river collaboration… and it had the sound of the little ripples, too. I made light of it in haiku style, but I shall never ever forget what prompted it. In the shadow of Mt. Ogura…

  5. Richard Donovan Says:

    Or perhaps it was their tribute to Andy Williams….

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