Reaching Oregon
Leaving the typhoon behind –
Full moon tonight

満月や 台風残して 辿り着く


2 Responses to “Arrival”

  1. It is kind of you to post.
    Sorry, but I cannot find much in this haiku, though, to inspire me or to lead me into a poetic experience. If you will allow me to be critical, I would say that it is basically a description of what happened on your journey. You got beyond the storm and the moon came out (auspiciously). I am probably being too dull and not reading enough between the lines, though. Perhaps the hint of auspice is what you wanted to emphasise?

  2. I feel the feeling of relief after the threat, the sense of achievement the full moon gives : 満月や…
    If the poet is a stranger in Oregon, the new full moon reminds (him/her) the peace and fulfilment of distant home…

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