From the Icebox inbox – 27

Sweet smell of summer—
Looking down on bare meadows
the first cut of hay
 . (David Sinex)

autumn winds
nothing bears repeating
but the moon
. (Michael Henry Lee)

maple moon
grandmother’s recipe
settles in the pan
. (Alan Summers)

Cobwebs –
My daily routine is
Lost in entanglement
. (Nancy May)

a diary –
within its ruled lines
anger and tears
. (Elaine Hillson)

wild boars
write in the sand –
october rains
. (Alhama Garcia)

At this stage of life
seasons swirl ever faster—
Years drop like petals
. (David Sinex)

3 Responses to “From the Icebox inbox – 27”

  1. Michael Henry Lee Says:

    Thank You Very Much for selecting autumn winds

  2. Alan’s ‘maple moon’ has so many dimensions! Elaine’s senryu has great power. Thanks for harvesting, Hisashi.

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