Morning dew …
Its clear, transparent drops:
If only I could run
Without stepping on them
With my white shoes.


I ate Manoa lettuce full of dewdrops for my breakfast.


9 Responses to “Manoa”

  1. Have slightly edited the Eng. version as ‘dews’ is seldom, if ever, used. Unsure how to avoid the ‘without’ followed by ‘with’. ‘in’ didn’t seem to work. I too have composed poetry while jogging!
    By the way, are you living in Oahu or just visiting?

  2. Beautiful tanka! Without the title ‘Manoa’, I would have thought this was written somewhere in Japan.

    Q to Stephen: You mentioned ‘in’ didn’t seem to work. What do you mean?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am sorry I checked these comments now for the first time.

    • Kindly sign into WordPress, Nori, before publishing a comment. Then, we will know who you are! You are not anonymous. Thanks. If you click the ‘follow this blog’ option at the top of the page, you can receive an email each time there is a new posting.

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