spring turtle

First days of spring
crossing the trail with his house
a turtle


4 Responses to “spring turtle”

  1. Thanks, Gilad. You marked it ‘challenge’, but since you haven’t identified the challenge, I guess you mean ‘workshopping’ of your poem is solicited, right?

  2. it seemed that it was a ‘challenge’ walk for the turtle ;)

  3. I like this haiku … as it makes one wonder what the connection is between the coming of spring and the crossing of the road. In British English the ‘turtle’ would be ‘tortoise’. Whatever the season, it always carries its home. Change ‘trail’ to ‘road’ and you get a sense of danger! ‘Trail’ is fine, though.

  4. First days of spring..
    crossing the trail with his house…
    …a…turtle !

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