At midday
Before making an appearance
Asking for us first
To sleep in the forest –
The baby orangutan.

 …. (Tuaran, Sabah, 22.3.13)


Night granite slopes –
More rain on the peak
Washes down on us
A rebel waterfall.

…. (Sayat-Sayat, Mt. Kinabalu, 24.3.13)


2 Responses to “asleep/awake”

  1. William Sorlien Says:

    Where are you, buddy? I realize that “explanation” of a poem is anathema to some (I may be learning to become an adherent to this philosophy) to justify its composition, but I’m enthralled with the idea of cohabitating with the orangutans!

  2. Willie, I was in Borneo, northern Malaysia, visiting a forest where rehabilitated orangutans were getting used to fending for themselves. Also, trying to climb SE Asia’s highest peak…
    Magical places!

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