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Genjuan Haibun Contest 2013 Results

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Grand Prix
Towards Burry Holms by Jane Fraser (U.K.)

An (Cottage) Prizes
Happening on Honington by David Cobb (U.K.)
Night Dancing in Star Holler by Doris Lynch (U.S.A.)

Honourable Mentions
The Suspended Coffins of Bo by Patricia Prime (New Zealand)
The Stick by John Parsons (U.K.)
Tree of Life by Diana Webb (U.K.)
The Monk of Amida-ji Temple by Margaret Chula (U.S.A.)
Pelion by Branko Manojlovic (Japan)
Pillars of Heaven by Bruce Ross (U.S.A.)
In the Fog by Maya Lyubenova (Bulgaria)

This year we had seventy-three entries from nine different countries. This is slightly less than the number we received last year, but the general level was very high. Consequently, it was not an easy job for the judges (Nobuyuki Yuasa & Stephen Henry Gill) to select the works to be decorated. They graded all the pieces independently and collated the results afterwards. In a few cases, there was a considerable difference between their views, but on the whole, their appraisals ran more or less parallel. Minor differences of opinion were resolved by discussion. An Prizes and Honourable Mentions in the above list are arranged in the order of their arrivals at the office rather than in order of merit. When adjudication was complete, the judges were informed the names and countries of residence of the authors. It seems that this year British and American writers prevailed. The organizers regretted that there were no entries this time from India, Germany or South Africa. The top three works will soon be posted as a special page here on the Icebox for all to enjoy. Rules and deadline for the 2014 Contest will be posted here in early autumn.

The judges wish to express their hearty congratulations to the authors of the decorated works. Prizes have been sent to the top three and certificates and comments to all ten.

Butterfly & Net

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“21st Century Butterfly, 19th Century Net: Fourteen Years in Haiku”

This is the title of a fascinating new article by Icebox contributor, Ellis Avery, at the The Millions website. Please take a look: