Partner in Brazil for 10 days. Shards of Portuguese keep me company – Sozinho! Desanimado! Socorro! – their association with his tongue giving some sheen to their lament.

Until when I don’t know, an old man would sing the same song at sunrise down by the river – but I notice his absence for the first time today. Ah, sozinho.

bed at dawn
no old man’s song, even

I realize, now by myself, that this new reluctance to tidy, cook, do the laundry, means the key to what gets me up every day must have changed hands. Desanimado.

apple branches
that I cannot prune today

Cycling home, the light navy-gray evening summer sky, incised with a startling new moon.

A lone
sickle moon
sharp as the eye in love


2 Responses to “Socorro!”

  1. Great read, David! I had to look up the Portuguese words, but sure Google Translate is but a click away.

  2. Sozinho! Desanimado! Socorro! are Portuguese words for
    Alone! Despondent! Help! Just right, though, to leave them in the Portuguese. This comment provides a footnote.
    Now tagged ‘haibun’: rightly so, but in feeling it’s more like tanka with prose.
    There is sharpness in your writing; great promise in that waxing moon. Obrigado!

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