a haiku on Monkey Bridge

Monkey Bridge (Saruhashi 猿橋)is an old wooden bridge believed to have been built during the Edo Period at one of the dangerous spots along the Koshu Road (甲州街道). Friday was such a fine day that I decided to make an excursion to the bridge. Here is a haiku I wrote on the occasion.
Dazzling May leaves,
Monkey Bridge spans a deep gorge
Like a long monkey tail.

…………………….. (Sosui) 


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  1. Very nice, Sosui. I found some photos of Saruhashi here: http://myaukun.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/monekys-bridge-saruhashi-in-otsuki/ together with a legend that says “Shirako built this bridge after watching some monkeys joined their hands and used vine to cross the valley in 7 century.”

    I would love to visit!

  2. How far is this from your home, I wonder? A day trip?

    • The bridge is only about an hour away from Tachikawa by a slow train. It is half-a-day trip, but there are other interesting places around. Basho stayed in the area in 1682 after his cottage in Edo was burned down. There is his monument (kuhi 句碑) near Hatsukari station on the same Chuo line.
      The legend of the Bridge goes back to Shirako (志羅子), a garden builder from Korea, but the present bridge is believed to have been built in Edo period. It was painted by HIroshige in Koyo Saruhashi no Zu (甲陽猿橋之図). It can be seen at Yamanashi Prefectural Museum (山梨県立博物館). (Sosui)

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