Renku session by-products

Here are some of my verses that were not used in the recent renku session held at Tearoom Sen on May 3rd.

On the roof top terrace
A fresh wind
blows away my tears

Make a wish
To a twinkling river in the sky —
Sweet summer dream

In the dusk
A dog barks and chases
The shadow of a dragonfly

An orange color
Rises in the moonlight —
Ripe persimmons

Green dots shoot
Up through the snow —
A breath of life.IMG_0111


8 Responses to “Renku session by-products”

  1. Kazue Gill Says:

    I like the dog chasing the dragonfly

    • Mayumi Kawaharada Says:


  2. Click the orange ‘Tearoom Sen’ link near the top, and you will see some more (and better) photos of the session at the Tearoom’s own blog.
    Nice effort, Mayumi!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Each of the pieces is interesting to me, Mayumi. The first two are emotional and sound like tanka rather than haiku. Yes, I like the dog and dragonfly piece, too. I love the last one most; ‘Green dots’ is suggestive enough.

  4. Hello Mayumi, Lovely to see these from the renku, displayed.
    They all have a dynamic and evocative quality about them.
    I find the dog and dragonfly particularly engaging. Ursula

  5. Mayumi Kawaharada Says:

    Toshi-san, Ursula
    Thank you for your comment!
    And,Stephen, and Ursula, thank you for your help!!

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