from the Icebox inbox – 29

inchworm ~
little by little
the lengthening day

…… (Michael Henry Lee)

Too soft their voices
for me to hear the words
of next-door neighbors
this night of the Full Worm Moon

…… (Jane Wieman)

At the bend
A hundred fresh trees –

…… (Kanchan Chatterjee)

Across my heart
the night worm scribbles hours
ink pours from the moon

…… (Jane Fenton Keane)

3 responses to “from the Icebox inbox – 29

  1. Probably because so many worms have gathered in this box, I feel that I have seen fewer worms than usual in the dry rainy season (kara-tsuyu 空梅雨) we are having this year!

  2. Michael’s is a revelation to me: the mutural correspondence between the ‘little-by-little’ movement of inchworm and the ‘lengthening’ of the day.